Clone Hero Charts – Best Place to Grab Clone Hero Songs

Looking for clone hero songs? You have landed at right place! Clone hero charts are not difficult to find at all. You can easily find out clone hero charts at different forums of clone hero as well as in facebook groups, and at the web. We have researched different groups and forums and found an amazing set of clone hero charts that will surely meet your needs.


clone hero charts


Download Clone Hero Songs

The clone hero charts are included in a spreadsheet given below. You can find out your favorite clone hero songs there.

After you find your favorite clone hero charts, the next thing is to add them in the clone hero game. This process is very simple. All you need to do is, first of all, download the latest version of clone hero game. You can download the latest version of clone hero game from clone hero download.

Moving forward, after you have downloaded the game, you need to install the game in your system. Finally, you will have the option to add the songs to the songs folder available in the game. You need to select your desired chart and add it in the game.

Clone Hero Setlists

Clone hero game does not come with the installed songs or charts. The users need to find out custom clone hero setlists to install them in the game. It is actually a better feature because having your own favorite songs in the game gives you the better pleasure of the game.

So, you just need to find out your favorite clone hero charts from the list given in the form of the spreadsheet below. When you click the download option available there, you will be linked to Google Drive from where you will be able to download the clone hero setlists or clone hero charts.

Clone Hero Song Packs

The below link directs you to all the best clone hero songs you are searching for. If you have more suggestions, you can get in touch with us. We will try to update the clone hero spreadsheet as soon as possible. So, here you go…. 

Clone Hero Charts [Updated March, 2019]

                                CLONE HERO CHARTS

Find out more charts at clone here songs. Share your thoughts about these clone hero charts in the comment section below. If you want us to add your favorite songs on this list, you can comment below with details and we will try to add them in the spreadsheet.

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