Download Clone hero Latest Version v0.21.7 [2019]

Looking for clone hero download link of latest version v0.21.7? Here is everything you need to start playing the game! Clone hero gain popularity when the big names started playing the game.

Along with these big names, a lot of fans joined them. The game has presented only a few versions but it has already gained popularity among the games similar to guitar hero. Thousands of people have downloaded the game till now and the numbers are growing rapidly!



Where to find Clone Hero Download Link? 

If you are also looking for a download link to clone hero game. You are at the right to place! We have added the download links of the latest version of clone hero for PC, Mac, and Linux operating system. The latest version of game v0.21.7 was released on January 04, 2019.

Download Clone Hero Custom Charts

You may know that the game does not come with already installed songs, so the clone hero players are forced to find their own song charts and add them in the game. As you may expect a skew towards metal and rock genres, yet if you can think about some standard pop songs, there is a great possibility you can easily find its chart.

Moreover, you can find out charts for everything such as from Enrique Iglesias’ to Finish Eurovision winners Lordi and pirate metal band Alestorm.

You can also find out a chart of Abba Medley, however, a frustrating absence of the High School Musical works of art. The community of clone hero helps to download these songs through different options and mostly via Google drive.

Let’s discuss the creation of some popular clone hero charts. It is important to note that Helvian worked on a complex project. Such as, after he watched popular play Chop Suey! by the System of Down and also gaining motivation from the YouTube Poop style recordings, helvian took Serj Tankian shouting “table” and he inserted it at different points in that song, bringing table memes that would turn into the reason for endless future meme charts.

that point forward, helvian’s songs have been transformed into well known YouTube recordings by the different streamers around the community. After that, different charters also worked on the meme songs in the style similar to the helvian.

At this point, it is right to say that this is one of the big reasons why clone hero game become so much popular. These videos at youtube are getting views in millions, and are an ideal method for getting into the game scene. So, Memes and Through the Tables was a great starting point of clone hero game. 

Be that as it may, now clone hero fans are taking the custom songs idea significantly further. A big name in the community Jason Paradise has gone to the consideration of different musicians, with the Matt Heafy who is the lead artist of a metal band. Download clone hero from the below link: 

Clone hero Download v0.21.7 [2019]

The download links for clone hero game are given below:


                   DOWNLOAD CLONE HERO – WINDOWS 64-bit

                   DOWNLOAD CLONE HERO – WINDOWS 32-bit

                           DOWNLOAD CLONE HERO – MAC OS

                             DOWNLOAD CLONE HERO – LINUX


Clone Hero Mac

If you want to download clone hero for Mac operating system, you can find out clone hero download link and installation guide at clone hero mac. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share the download links of clone hero game with your friends. 

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