Best Clone Hero Guitar

Here is everything you need to know before you select your clone hero guitar. Well, any guitar can work to play the clone hero. However, some give you better control and pleasure than others.

If you go with Wii guitars, they will need some tinkering. PS3 guitars for clone hero works great, however, you just need to set up buttons in the game control. Moving forwards, 360 guitars are also best clone hero guitars, and it does not need any configuration or tinkering that is the reason a lot of players recommend the 360 guitars.


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Best Guitars to Play Clone Hero 

With respect to other stuff you need, PS3 guitars simply require a specific dongle for them. Wii guitars require any sort of Bluetooth receiver. 360 controllers require a wireless receiver that works with any controller of 360 and if you want to go with a PS2 controller, it requires an adapter.

Moreover, a lot of people also recommend Xplorer on the grounds that they did not need any adapters, receivers or dongles. So, it is the best option if you don’t want to have adapters, receivers, and dongles with a controller. Also that it comes with great buttons and essentially the best strum bar of all guitars alongside PS2 guitars. The following best thing is the Les Paul that is pretty common among the game players.

These guitars have great buttons and strum bar. However, these guitars have some issues like neck being too loose, however, it is not so much an issue since there are simple fixes for such issues. You can also consider WoR and GH5 guitars, despite the fact that I don’t like its rubber strum bar.

I strongly recommend not to go with the RB and Avoid World Tour guitars, because these guitars will give you very bad experience. These guitars have strum which easily breaks that is the reason clone hero players don’t want to consider this guitar for clone hero.

Clone Hero Controllers 

All things considered, we recommend 360 dongles for clone hero. Other than that any guitar hero guitar will work out. Here are some other recommendations:

  • Wii and Rockband guitars.
  • World Tour and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock guitars
  • Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul
  • Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer

Final Words

Hope this help you select best clone hero guitar for you! Download the latest updated version of the game from clone hero update. If you still need any guidelines about above-mentioned guitars. You can comment below. We will try to help you out.

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