2019 Chart – Best Clone Hero Songs Ever

Looking for best clone hero songs? Here you will find a great list of all the best trending clone hero charts. If you are a guitar hero fan, you should consider playing the clone hero game. The game aims to become a better platform than the original guitar hero game.


Where to Find Clone Hero Custom Songs?

Clone hero custom songs can be found at different platforms and specifically at chorus. However, in this post, we have included a bulk list of all the popular and best clone hero songs recommended by the experts that you will surely going to love! The download links for clone hero songs are given in this article.

But, before you jump directly to the clone hero songs download links given below. Here is what you should know about this amazing game. Clone hero seems pretty interesting than the guitar hero game.

I have tried to play clone hero with Steam Controller and amazingly, the game actually works very well. However, my total lack of game skill is very evident that while playing the game, I have not faced any difficulties and everything worked smoothly.

Advising my fingers to move that rapidly resembles turning on the bulb and figuring out what you require before it is really lit, and I can also positively acknowledge that it is so cool to have diversions like this that the game can also be played on Linux operating system. This is very noteworthy in fact!

Clone Hero New Updates and Features

The game makers are also considering enabling the online multiplayer option. However, it is clear that this feature requires a lot of work and time. Some other advanced features will also be included in the game.   

Download and Install Clone Hero Songs 

Coming to the clone hero songs, well, you may already know that the clone hero does not support the pre-installed songs in it. Due to which, the game users need to install the custom clone hero songs in the folder available there. So first of all, you will need to find out the best clone hero songs.

Finding the clone hero songs is not difficult, the community of clone hero game is very supportive. You can find out amazing clone hero charts in the different forums of the game.

To make your job easier, we have added clone hero spreadsheet of best clone hero songs. The spreadsheet includes the best clone hero songs, clone hero charts with the downloadable links. 

Clone Hero Songs Spreadsheet

So, what you need to do is just download the clone hero songs from the links given below. Then, open the game and attach the downloaded charts in the folder of clone hero songs. This procedure is pretty simple. Find the clone hero songs below!

Here is the clone hero spreadsheet of clone hero songs with downloadable links:

                                CLONE HERO SONGS LIST

If you want to get access to more songs for clone hero game, you can find out here at clone hero charts.

Have your say about these songs. Also, you can let us know your suggestion. We will try to edit the above clone hero spreadsheet to add more songs according to your thoughts and suggestions. Also, don’t forget to share this amazing list of clone hero charts with your friends.

Download Latest Version of Clone Hero v0.21.7

Clone hero released the latest version of the game v0.21.7 on January 04, 2019. So, if you want to try out the latest version of clone hero, you can find out from clone hero download.

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