The Ultimate List of Guitar Hero 3 Songs [Legends of Rock]

Here is a great list of guitar hero 3 songs (Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock). These songs can be applied to all the platforms that are still running. We are updating the list regularly and we are trying to add download links for all the songs listed there. While download links are already available for some songs listed below.

List of Guitar Hero 3 Songs

Guitar hero 3 is the third version of guitar hero game series. It was released on different consoles such as Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Apple computers and MS Windows.

Legends of Rock (guitar hero III) features 70+ songs on its media that incorporates single player songs, co-op career exclusive and bonus songs. The list of all the official guitar hero songs is given below:

Guitar Hero III Songs

Song TitleSong ArtistYear
"3's & 7's"Queens of the Stone Age2007
"Before I Forget"Slipknot2004
"Anarchy in the U.K."Sex Pistols2007
"Bulls on Parade"Rage Against the Machine1996
"Black Sunshine"White Zombie1992
"Black Magic Woman"Santana1970
"Cherub Rock"The Smashing Pumpkins1993
"Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll"Blue Öyster Cult1972
"Cult of Personality"Living Colour2007
"The Metal"Tenacious D2006
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia"Steve Ouimette
(Inspired by The Charlie Daniels Band)
"Lay Down"Priestess2006
"Even Flow"Pearl Jam1991
"La Grange"ZZ Top1973
"Guitar Battle vs. Slash"Slash2007
"Kool Thing"Sonic Youth1990
"Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello"Tom Morello2007
"Knights of Cydonia"Muse2006
"Helicopter"cBloc Party2005
"Holiday in Cambodia"Dead Kennedys1980
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"Pat Benatar1980
"Rock and Roll All Nite"Kiss1975
"Miss Murder"AFI2006
"Reptilia"The Strokes2003
"Mississippi Queen"Mountain1970
"Raining Blood"Slayer1986
"My Name Is Jonas"Weezer1994
"Paranoid"Black Sabbath1970
"When You Were Young"The Killers2006
"Rock You Like A Hurricane"The Scorpions1984
"Welcome to the Jungle"Guns N' Roses1987
"Same Old Song and Dance"cAerosmith1974
"Talk Dirty to Me"Poison1987
"School's Out"Alice Cooper1972
"Suck My Kiss"Red Hot Chili Peppers1991
"The Seeker"The Who1971
"Slow Ride"Foghat1975


Guitar Hero 3:  Legends of Rock Songs Download


All the downloadable songs of guitar hero 3 are listed in the table given below and their download links are listed in the download button mentioned there.

You can still download the guitar hero songs to enjoy the classic music. Here you go!

Download Guitar Hero 3 Songs

Song TitleSong ArtistYear
"Original Composition by Tom Morello"cTom Morello2007
"Carcinogen Crush"AFI2007
"Messages"Velvet Revolver2007
"Slither"Velvet Revolve2004
"Putting Holes in Happiness
(Nick Zinner Remix)"
Marilyn Manson2007
"She Builds Quick Machines"Velvet Revolver2007
"All My Life"Foo Fighters2002
"This Is a Call"Foo Fighters1995
"The Pretender"cFoo Fighters2007
"Sleeping Giant"Mastodon2006
"Original Composition by Tom Morello"cTom Morello2007
"No More Sorrow"Linkin Park2007
"Original Composition by Slash"cSlash2007
"Pretty Handsome Awkward"The Used2007
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia"cSteve Ouimette
Inspired by the Charlie Daniels Band
"We Three Kings"cSteve Ouimette2007
"Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix"cO'Donnell/Salvatori/Vai2004
"Ernten Was Wir Säen" Die Fantastischen Vier2007
"So Payaso"c Extremoduro1996
"Famous For Nothing"Dropkick Murphys2007
"Any Way You Want It"Journey1980
"Almost Easy"Avenged Sevenfold2007
"Jukebox Hero"Foreigner1981
"Hole in the Earth"Deftones2006
"Peace of Mind"Boston1976
"The Arsonist"Thrice2007
"Dream On"Aerosmith2007
"Sunday Morning"No Doubt1996
"Don't Speak"No Doubt1996
"Excuse Me Mr."No Doubt1996
"The End Begins (to Rock)"God of War II2008
"(F)lannigan's Ball"Dropkick Murphys2007
"Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya"Dropkick Murphys2007
"Stay Clean"aMotörhead2008
"Rock of Ages" (Live)Def Leppard1983
"Stockholm Syndrome"Muse2003
"Photograph" (Live)Def Leppard1983
"Operation Ground and Pound"cDragonForce2006
"Shoot the Runner"Kasabian2006
"Problems" (Live at Brixton)Sex Pistols2008
"For the Love of God"Steve Vai1990
"Violet Hill"Coldplay2008
"God Put a Smile upon Your Face"Coldplay2002
"I Am Murloc"L70ETC2008
The google drive link given below directs you to guitar hero 3 songs. Enjoy!    
   Download List of Guitar Hero 3 Songs

Clone Hero Songs

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There are a lot of clone hero songs available out there. We have created a great list of clone hero charts and clone hero songs from where you can get all the famous clone hero songs. Find the list of clone hero songs here.

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